John Waple Armorial Plaque (1621)

John Waple armorial plaque (1621)

John Waple was a merchant in Jacobean Athlone. This plaque bears a coat of arms and the inscription 1621 ERECTED BY JOHN WAPLE MARCHANT. The implication was that Waple had been granted arms as a testament to his status and wealth. This would have helped to underpin his commercial reliability. This plaque was recovered from an external wall in Custume Place, the probable location of his business.

St Peter's Port Arch

St Peter’s Port Arch Stones

St Peter’s Port arch stones St Peter’s Port was the water gate to the south harbour of the west town. The keystone includes a medieval head. The haunch stones carry the curious couplet: ‘O may not Satan’s agents enter/Will O’Wisp and Jack the Printer’. A local man named Booth was responsible for the inscription, which